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We went to one of our favorite restaurants here in Jax the other night. It is called Chew Restaurant and it is fantastic. It is one of the first dining establishments that I have ever been to that is not a chain restaurant, has chefs willing to experiment and have fun with food, and actually changes the menu up with the seasons.

One of my favorite dishes to get is Skirt Steak Au Poivre. It is made with seared peppercorns and a brandy-pepercorn demi-glace, and served with herbs shoestring potatoes,
garlic aioli.  The dish just makes your mouth water. Everyone at the table with me had wonderful dishes but everyone of them salivated over my steak. I ended up having to give up quite a few bites for everyone to taste. My six month old son even got in on the great food. Our waiter was nice enough to get him some of their fabulous herb grits and he ate every bit of them.

One of the other best dishes of the night was their appetizer Bacon. Here is the menu excerpt for bacon:

Fresh Bacon
braised pork belly, smoked leeks, roasted mushrooms,
sage grits, honey gastrique

Now going back to where I mentioned that the chefs like to play with their food.  My sister and some friends visited Chew on a previous night. They were the last customers of the evening and just hanging around enjoying dessert. Towards the end of their meal one of the chefs came out to their table and told them they had to try something for him. He made caramel popcorn shots. He went into some long technical speal on how he made them but my sister said they tasted awesome and just like caremel popcorn. I wish I had been there for that one.

To round out our evening my sister had green tea cheesecake, her husband had strawberry shortcake and my husband had trio of sorbet. The trio was watermelon, canteloupe and honey dew.

I can’t wait to go back and have my steak again.


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Yummy Ham & Swiss Sandwiches

Yummy sandwiches ready to be baked

Yummy sandwiches ready to be baked

Hot Ham Sandwich

Hot Ham Sandwich


I made these sandwiches for dinner the other night and they were delicious. They are so easy to make. I just put together the sandwiches in ten minutes while my son was down for his nap and then popped them into the fridge to marinade and absorb in all that delicious sauce. Then when my husband got home from work I just popped them in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes to warm through and brown the tops.

Make sure to pay attention to them in the oven if you prefer them a little less crispy. Time got away from me a little bit as you can see from the very brown top but they were still wonderful. The extra crispy top helped balance out the bottom of the bun that had absorbed a lot of the sauce and gotten a little soggy.

I found this recipe at a wonderful blog called Dine & Dish. Her sandwich looks much better than mine but I think I captured the flavor just as well.

Here is the recipe as seen on Dine & Dish:

Oven Ham Sammies

1 12 count package Kings Hawaiian Rolls
1/2 cup butter melted
1/2 tsp ground mustard
1 tsp poppy seeds
2 tsp onion flakes
1 tsp worcheshire sauce
1 package swiss cheese
12-16oz thin sliced ham

Put ham and cheese on sliced rolls
Mix all other ingredients and spoon over sammies. Let set overnight or several hours
Bake on 350 for 15 min before serving

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Breakfast Pizza Made From Leftovers

Breakfast PizzaMy hubby and I were going through the fridge the other night looking to pull something together for dinner. We had a little bit of everything but not enough to call dinner from any one thing. So we decided to make a breakfast pizza with what we had.

We took the 4 eggs, butter, Parmesan cheese, half a pack of bacon, half a roll of Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage, an expired Pillsbury Dough Pizza Crust, a mixture of the bottom of the bag cheeses and a tomato and made this pizza. It was delicious.

Breakfast Pizza W/Tomato

So simple it really does not need a recipe. Just precook all your meat items. Parcook the pizza dough. Throw everything on the dough as you see fit and then bake or broil the pizza for a few minutes until it is golden and crispy and the cheese is melted.

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BonChon Chicken Wings

BonChon ChickenTonight, I made a very, very simple recipe. So simple it requires 5 ingredients. It is called BonChon Chicken. From what I can gather it is a Korean recipe and it is very popular in New York City.  I don’t know much more than that except it just tastes great. I found this recipe called Ghetto BonChon Chicken from the food blog Food Mayhem. I took one look at it and said I have to try this.

My Hubby and I have a favorite ghetto Chinese place we order from but we call it “shitty Chinese” and yes it is programed in my phone under shitty Chinese. We love this place and we gave it that name because everyone else just classifies it as your local run of the mill fast food chinese. We have our favorite menu items there and we love the lady at the front counter. So tonight I had my husband stop by on his way home from work to pick up the hot, crispy chicken wings, while I whipped up the sauce with the remaining four ingredients.

Bam! Dinner was done in five minutes.

The five ingredients needed for BonChon Chicken are:

  1. Crispy Chinese fried chicken
  2. 3 tbs soy sauce
  3. 2 1/2 tsp chili garlic sauce
  4. 1 clove chopped garlic
  5. 2 tsp sugar

Mix ingredients and brush on your hot crispy chicken and enjoy.

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Last Nights Menu

Last nights menu was freshly caught and broiled Red Snapper tacos, with a homemade sour cream and lime baja sauce, Fresh pico de gallo, chopped cabbage and flour tortillas. My hubby and dad went deep sea fishing and came back with about 5lbs of snapper fillets.  In the long run it would cheaper to go to the market and just buy your fish verses paying the fee of the boat. However, no price tag can be put on knowing where your fish actually came from.

For dessert my hubby took sour cream pound cake, mixed berries with 1/2 cup sugar, cool whip and a sprig of home grown mint and created a delicious dessert with no cooking involved.

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